A Bird in the Hand, a book by Bill Doherty

As a sportsman, hunter, countryside person and country diarist, I have been writing articles in the sporting press and other publications since 1990, and todate I have had over 100 articles published, in magazines and papers such as; The Countrymans Weekly, The Cage and Aviary Birds, The Birdkeeper.

I have also published three books; A Bird in the Hand, Working deerhounds lurchers and longdogs and The Profit Hunters.

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A Bird in the Hand, (Hardback)
ISBN-10: 0955197309
ISBN-13: 978-0955197307

"A book for the country person"


History brief of A bird in the hand, hardback...
2006 A limited, (500 copy) privately published first edition print run: "sold out" in less than 6 months, and in 2007 a limited first edition reprint was instigated, and some copies are still available from various booksellers and on-line sellers including Amazon.
Skycat publications took over the book, and further published it, albeit in softback, again these are available, but not from myself ...more