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For the last three years I have used Lense for Hire when I required glass for special photographic outings.

My first lense from them was a Nikon 400mm f2.8, and what a great piece of glass, albeit a heavy lense. I asked on the internet if anyone had hand held this lense, and the people I contacted said yes. Sorry Garth..but you must be a lot bigger and strong than me..Tripod required.

Next, I hired the Nikon 500mm f4 VR, and what a great lense. Lighter than the 400mm 2.8 I did manage last year (2012) to use this lense photographing ospreys in Scotland HANDHELD. Please see my gallery section on this site, Ospreys 2012 as most of these were taken using this lense.

This year, 2013 once again I have gone for the 500mm f4 for a planned outing in July.

What about the service?....What about it.
Absolutely FANTASIC.

The whole transaction both times was great. Right from the delivery, as I took the option to get the lense delivered to my door. This arrangement also included the pick up of the lense, again from my door when I was finished.

The lenses themselves where very good examples, doing what they were supposed to do, and never letting me down

Would I use them again? A resounding YES.