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Me with the 500mm f4
My Gear;

The cameras I use now are NIKON`s, I have a D700 and a D300. Both of these are really good cameras, and at low ISO the images produced will be similar. Once we get into low light situations (as we do a lot of the time with wildlife photography) the D700 comes into its own, and at this present time it is my main camera of choice.

I do also use my D300, its not a redundant piece of kit that loies in a cupboard or camera bag. I especially use it where shooting smaller birds and animal, the 1.5 crop factor gets me that bit closer to the subject.
The D700 will usually always produce better quality images, these images will usually crop better, retaining their quality far better than big crops from the D300

The main lense I use is a NIKKOR 300mm AFS f4, one of the sharpest pieces of glass Ive owned.
From time to time I add the NIKON 1.4 TC, and I find this a most useful combination.

Before NIKON I used the FUJI S2Pro, a great camera, thats colour I have rarely seen produced with the more modern cameras, and in many ways I wish I hadnt got rid of it, even if it did cost me an arm and a leg on batteries. The change over meant that I didnt need to change lenses..

From time to time, on special photographic expeditions, I hire lenses, and in the past I have used the NIKKOR 400mm f2.8 (a fantasic piece of glass, albeit a heavy lump) fast, and extremely sharp.
I have also used what is my favourite lense, the NIKKOR 500mm VR f4.

How I shoot.

I always shoot JPEG,
There has always been a debate for shooting RAW or JPEG. It is my choice to shoot JPEG, I do little post processing with my images, and yes RAW has more data, but for me why have this extra data if Im not going to use it. I try to get the shot I am after as close as I can from the camera, where I have to do very littler post processing. JPEG too records data, and again yes not as much as a RAW files, but there is on most wildlife images taken with the cameras I use, more than enough useable date to get a really good image.
I prefer my time in the fields taking an image, than sitting in my study on my computer trying to correct the mistakes of getting in camera settings wrong..