About me

Hi, my name is Bill Doherty
I am a wildlife photographer living on the North east coast of the UK, in the town of Ashington, I was however born in Bedlington, a few miles away.
Since the early sixties I have been involved with wildlife in some way or another. I have practiced most forms of hunting and fishing, and have been a practicing vermin controller, mole man, stick dresser, glass engraver, country diarist, breeder of British finches and their hybrids in captivity, a keeper, hunter and breeder of lurchers and running dogs, and with my late father we formed the deerhound kennel of Doxhope Deerhounds, producing what some enthusiasts have documented as being some of the finest working deerhound stock in the country.

I now hunt with only my camera, using all the awareness, bush craft and stealth I learnt over the decades, to get into position to take images. Like many others, I have evolved from film SLR`s to digital. In film days I used an Olympus OM10

Contact details
Tel. 01670818696
Mobile 07716097501

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